The WSRP Precinct Caucuses will be held February 20 at 10:00 am (please arrive at 9:00 am).

To locate your Precinct Caucus, click here.

The Precinct Caucus is the important first step in the process Republicans use to select our
Presidential Nominee.

The purpose of the Precinct Caucus is to elect delegates to the County GOP Conventions (in
King County, Precinct Caucuses lead to Legislative District Caucuses followed by the County
Convention) which will be held between March 12 and April 16.  The County Conventions elect
delegates to the State Convention, which will elect delegates to the National Convention.
At each level (county, state, national) other issues will be discussed and decided (Platform,
Rules, etc.)

The State GOP Convention will be held May 19-21 in Pasco where delegates to the National
Convention will be elected by Congressional District and on an At-Large (statewide) basis.

The Presidential Primary is May 24, when Republicans vote for their favorite candidates
using a mail-in ballot.  Using a proportional formula, the results (from the 10 congressional
districts and also statewide) will determine the vote of our state’s delegates at the National

At the National Convention, if no candidate is chosen on the first ballot, our delegates will
not be bound by the primary results on successive ballots.

For more information on the caucus, convention, and primary schedule, see pages 17 and 18 at:

For caucus training videos, see above.